About Reinecke Equestrian

Hello and welcome to Reinecke Equestrian. What is Reinecke Equesrian? Reinecke Equestrian is a small and very young company, which was founded in 2016 by the managing director Fabian Reinecke. The company's headquarters are located in beautiful Hamburg, the gateway to the world!

What does Reinecke Equestrian do? Reinecke Equestrian specializes in the lighting of halters and bridles to make you and your loved ones more visible on a walk in the dark or on a relaxed ride.

But whether in the dark or in the light, our halter and bridle always look damn good and guarantee you absolute attention.

We have been working very closely with our partner Georg Kieffer Sattlerwarenfabrik GmbH from Munich since 2019, which means that you get proven Kieffer quality and thus high-quality products.


Georg Kieffer Sattlerwarenfanrik GmbH

Moosfeld 3

81829 München


La Couture - Atelier für Äderungsschneiderei

Am Thalhoferweg 1a

86932 Pürgen